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About Being a Choice Energy Customer

What is the quality and reliability of electricity from Choice Energy compared with that from the utility company?
It is exactly the same electricity whether you purchase it from Choice Energy or your utility company. Beware of fraudulent claims from unscrupulous marketers that their electricity is either cleaner or more reliable.

All suppliers must meet the same Renewable Portfolio Standards mandated by the regulators (of course you can pay more for special and/or greater percentage in renewable content).

As far as reliability is concerned, it is purely a function of the utility's distribution service and has nothing to do with from whom you purchase your electricity. And the utility company is required to provide the same level of service in electricity delivery, emergency response, meter reading, etc.
Do I need to give out any personal confidential information to Choice Energy for credit check?
No. As long as your utility company provides consolidated billing, which is the vast majority of cases, we do not need and will not collect any personal confidential information. All that is required is that you have a current account with the local utility company. We only need certain information from your electric bill and your authorization so that we may submit the enrollment request to the utility company.
Do I need to contact my utility company or my current electric supplier to let them know that I am signing up with Choice Energy?
No. You only need to provide us with certain account information from your electric bill and we will do all the work for you with your authorization. If you currently have a long term contract in place with another electric supplier, make sure you consult your contract with that other electric supplier to find out if they have a cancellation fee.
Is Choice Energy's electric rate fixed or variable?
In most markets we offer both variable rate and fixed rate plans so that you may opt for the one that is just right for you. The choice is yours.
How will I be billed?
Under the utility company consolidated billing arrangement, which is the vast majority of cases, there is no change in how you receive and pay for your electric bill. Each month you will continue to receive a combined bill from the utility company to include both our electricity charges and the utility company's distribution charges listed separately. You will continue to make a single payment to your utility company in accordance with its payment terms.
Who do I call if there is an emergency?
Emergency response remains the responsibility of the local utility company. In the event of an emergency such as a power failure or a downed power line, call your local utility company as before.

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About Being a Choice Energy Customer

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