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Who is Choice Energy?
Choice Energy is a licensed electric supplier providing generation services for primarily residential customers and businesses. Currently we operate under the trade name (doing business as, d/b/a) "4 Choice Energy" in every market that we do business.
Is Choice Energy licensed?
Yes. Choice Energy is licensed by the requisite government regulatory agency in every market that we do business, typically the state’s Public Utilities Commission ("PUC") or the state's Board of Public Utilities ("BPU").
Does Choice Energy sell both natural gas and electricity?
At this very moment we are electric only, but we are getting ready to add gas in the very near future. Incidentally, not all deregulated states have both gas and electric deregulation. That means depending on which state you are in, you may be able to shop for electricity only, natural gas only, both electricity and natural gas, or neither.
Does Choice Energy do business in my state?
Not all states are deregulated. If you live in a state that is not deregulated, you can only buy electricity or natural gas from the one and only one utility company that covers your area. In addition, every state has its own licensing requirement, and typically electric licensing is separate from gas licensing. Choice Energy is not yet licensed in every deregulated state. During the online sign up process, if you are identified as residing in a state that we are not in at this time, we will notify you soon after we receive our license so that you may make your choice then.
Is Choice Energy affiliated with my utility company? Is there any conflict of interest?
Choice Energy is completely independent. We do not have any ownership or partnership affiliation with any utility companies. We work with the utilities under the rules established by the regulators to serve our common customers. Choice Energy makes wholesale purchases of electricity for our customer use, and the utility companies serve as the shipper delivering the electricity to our customers. Choice Energy gets paid for the electricity and the utility companies get paid for their distribution services. In most cases an arrangement is made such that the customers continue to get a combined monthly bill and make a single payment for both services.

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