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Certain states require separate disclosure of historical variable rates on a supplier's website.  Click the name of a state below to view our historical variable rates disclosure for the corresponding state.  The format and content may vary by state because regulatory authorities from different states have different historical variable rate disclosure requirements.  Certain state requirements can be very specific in that the disclosure must be in a particular manner with no deviation and no additional information allowed.  Please contact us should you have any question.

We offer a mix of different plan categories depending on market, including Fix Rate plans where the rate/kWh is fixed for a predetermined period of time, Variable Rate plans where the rate/kWh may vary on a month-to-month or more frequent basis depending on contract terms, and Monthly Price plans with a flat monthly fee for usage up to a maximum number of kWh.  This rate disclosure is for Variable Rate plan products only.  In addition to plans that meet minimum RPS (renewable portfolio standards), the compilation of rate disclosed may also incorporate "green up" plans where applicable.




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